Retire Well

What kind of a retirement do you want?

If you dream of kicking back and living a happy, relaxed and carefree life – without stress or money worries –The Escapologist has heaps of useful ideas to help you make that happen. After all, retirement is supposed to be your reward after dragging yourself to work every day for forty years. Let us show you how you could easily add thousands of dollars to your nest egg this year, retire early, and live a long and care free life.

According to The Australian Council of Social Service, around 40% of Australian seniors currently live in poverty. Recent comments by the Australian government concerning retirement age and pension entitlement suggest even more hardships to come for the nation’s retired and elderly. Retirement – far from being a well-deserved rest – is now something people dread: how will you survive for 25 years or more, without a retirement income?

The Escapologist can help you answer that question. In this section you’ll find all of our best ideas on happy retirement living. From how to earn a passive income all the way through retirement – without needing to get a part-time job or sell your house… to managing the transition to a slower, quieter place of life… to how to retire in comfort and luxury overseas.

You’ll find details of great home business ideas for retirees, where you can make money from home in a few hours a week… of retirement destinations not too far from Australia where your savings will stretch three times as far as they do now… of how to engineer a long, happy, healthy and adventurous retirement without needing ANY government help… plus you’ll discover that you don’t need to cut back on the things you love in order to enjoy the retirement you deserve.

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