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‘Know yourself’ becomes ‘Distrust yourself’, my philosophy professor says to my class on Monday night.

This transformation might be hard for us in the 21st century to understand at first. We tend to think that ‘Know yourself’ oftentimes really means ‘Know yourself and then like who you are.’

Not so!

When my professor told us that ‘Know yourself’ really means ‘Distrust yourself’, a look of confusion momentarily passed over some …

  • #1 Business Lesson from the Holidays

    The holiday season is upon us. I have been seeing Christmas decorations since October, which is crazy!

    But one thing that I do really appreciate about this time of year is the spirit of giving.

    Whenever the holidays roll around, …

  • Free Will: What Choice Do I Have?

    Are your actions really yours? Do you have free will?

    ‘Sure,’ I hear you say. ‘What choice do I have?’

    The classical thinkers were fascinated by the question of choice or determinism.

    In his Physics, and later in Metaphysics

  • 7 Rules for Health and Fitness

    Being truly healthy is not just the absence of disease or illnesses. Good overall health is a balance of many aspects in life: a healthy diet, regular exercise, getting enough sleep, professional and personal care, and healthy social interactions. But …

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In his book, The One-Day Contract, legendary American basketball coach Rick Pitino outlines the steps to achieving your health, wealth and personal goals. His number one piece of advice: ‘Make the most of each day by creating a contract with yourself that you will do your best that day.’ By honouring your one-day contract, you will overcome adversity and make progress every day.

It’s great wisdom. But what if …

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I recently received an interesting question…one that deserved a longer answer than I would give in a normal Q&A.


Craig, I just spent the last hour Googling you…and I found all sorts of stuff. The thing that amazed me was that there wasn’t a single entry to make me raise an eyebrow.

Why did that amaze me? Because, to be honest, I wanted to know if I

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You may be surprised at how much time and attention successful wealthy families devote to family issues. Sure, you receive a lot of information on stock market analysis, strategic investment recommendations, and the best ways to grow and protect your family wealth. But financial matters are only part of the equation.

That’s because the best financial advice in the world can’t overcome a weak family unit that’s unprepared to meet …

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As a child I was scared…

Of swans.

There. I said it.

I didn’t encounter swans very often. But when I did, it was always at a coward’s distance of about 200 metres.

I blame one of my old school teachers for stoking this fear. Before letting us loose on an excursion, she gathered everyone round and warned us never – EVER – to mess with the graceful lake-dwellers. Don’t …


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Somewhere between the words of Socrates and the thoughts of Plato lies the profound question of what is ‘Just’. Is it defined by laws and men or is it something separate, something ideal? When one is wrongfully imprisoned, for example, is it okay to escape, to break the ‘law’ as it is written? This was the quandary in which Socrates found himself when facing an unfair death sentence.

Of course, …